How We Draw And Divide The Prize

Draw and Rollover Procedures:

  • Draw is in UK time.
  • Pars Lottery ticket sales is closed from 6:00pm to 10:00pm on the day of draw which is at 8:00pm, so to play Pars Lottery on the day of draw you’ll need to buy your ticket before 6:00pm.
  • All Pars Lottery Tickets are published on the day of draw at 6:00pm to stop and prevent any fraud and cheating.
  • Pars Lottery Draw Result is exactly the same as UK Thunderball Lottery result (5 main Numbers) which is live on BBC iPlayer or on YouTube on Fridays, there will also be a results update on BBC One at 10:30pm on Friday’s night as well as our website.
  • Draw result will be published on Pars Lottery website and winners will be informed by their registered email address.
  • If nobody wins the Prize then it will be rolled over to the next draw for maximum of 10 times, so if no one matches all 5 numbers, the prize will be shared by the players with the most winning numbers.

Jackpot or Prize will be shared as follow:

  • 95% of the Jackpot will be shared between winners with 5 match numbers (in a row).
  • 05% of the Jackpot will be donated to a Charity or Good Causes, full details will be announced on Pars Lottery website.
  • Each player with 4 match numbers will get 100,000 Toman.
Prize Categories Prize
Match 5 numbers 95% of the Jackpot.
Match 4 numbers 100,000 Toman.
Charity or Good Causes 05% of the Jackpot.